Phuket, Thailand

Hey guys! If you follow us on Instagram, you know we were just in Thailand. Our primary reason for the trip was to attend a conference type thing for the organization Ian works for. Shortly after we booked our flights to the conference (purposely not saying the name of the city we were in, for privacy sake), we looked into the possibility of tacking on a couple days at the front end of the trip for some R&R in Phuket. After a quick google search, we discovered flights to Phuket from Bangkok were only $35 so we snatched some seats on a smaller Thai airline. Then came the task of finding a hotel in Phuket (I was super indecisive and there are so. many. to. choose. from.) Well we found the perfect hotel and they decided to sort of "partner" with us during our stay which was an unexpected blessing! I will share our hotel review in a couple days! But anyway, that's how we ended up in Phuket, AKA our favorite place on earth. 

Most of our time was spent exploring the beach caves near our hotel and perfecting our floating abilities-- a skill I've envied for a long long time now and finally mastered in Phuket. 

I'm really not one for group tours, but we had been dying to see Phi Phi Island (pronounced "pee-pee" lol), so we booked a speedboat excursion the night before our second day in Phuket, and the next morning we were being shuttled from our hotel to the marina. Personally, I don't recommend seeing Phi-Phi this way. Instead, try to hire a private boat. (You can read more about why I don't prefer group tours in this post. ) However, I do understand that sometimes it's the only way, and most of the time it's still totally worth it. Just look at these pictures! 

Most of these photos were taken at Maya Beach, a turquoise cove surrounded by big huge rocks. Completely paradisiac, and our idea of heaven.

Our evenings and late afternoons were spent lounging by the pool and then ordering room service and enjoying the sunset from our panoramic windows.