Hotel Review: Bandara Villas, Phuket, Thailand

I'm pretty sure I hyped up our Phuket hotel enough in our last post, so I'm just gonna cut right to the chase on this one :)

Hotel Review:

Bandara Villas

Hotel Name:

Bandara Villas Phuket (different from Bandara Phuket Beach Resort)


Phuket, Thailand


Bandara Villas is a small boutique-chic beach resort. Perfect for couples or families looking for a quiet, but luxurious getaway. A bit pricey for Thailand, but affordable by American standards. We saw one or two families during our time there, as well as a lot of young couples.


The best part about Bandara Villas (and the main reason I picked it and paid about 4x what a typical Phuket hotel costs) is that each room comes with it’s own private infinity pool, and full ocean views. The rooms were luxurious, not only by Thailand standards, but also by American standards as well, and believe me, there is a difference. We stayed in the Panoramic Duplex Pool Villa, which was two stories, had two bathrooms, and a separate living space. The bed was comfortable, the finishes were stylish, and as I mentioned above, the view was unbeatable.

Pool & Grounds:

The pool and beach were exactly what landed me on Bandara Villas, when booking a hotel. The beach was clean, calm, and swimmable. As I mentioned above, each room offers a private infinity pool, on top of the public pool they have down by the beach. The grounds were clean and safe offering lots to do on such a small property. The only downside was that the tram that can supposedly take you to and from your room to the beach or lobby, wasn’t working when we were there, which meant we had to climb approximately 150 steps at least twice every day. This didn’t bother us, and we had read that the tram doesn’t work half the time in the hotel reviews before booking, so we just didn’t really care.


Bandara Villas offers lots of resort amenities like airport shuttle (surcharge), Wifi, breakfast, lunch, dinner, room service, a gym, pool, and lots more. They also have some fun activities you can do for free like kayaking or water aerobics, etc. They have a top-notch nearby, but offsite, spa facility (an employee shuttles you to and from on a golf cart) called Shine Spa. They waited on us hand-and-foot—literally, haha—when we attended our couples massage.


The hotel offers one on-site restaurant open from 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM, and 24-hour room service which is super convenient when you’re jet lagged and start craving dinner at 5 AM haha. The menu isn’t huge, but they do offer a variety of dishes. Everything from pasta, to pad thai, to pizza. Once again, the food was cheap by American standards, but pretty pricey for Thailand. Pad Thai was about $8, alcoholic drinks were anywhere from $2-9. We could nevert The pool bar offered happy hour from 4-6pm and the deal was “buy one drink and get the exact same drink for free”. Ian and I have the same taste in drinks, so this was a good deal for us. As far as price goes, lets just say that at the end of our three days there, our total bill for all meals and beverages was only $109 USD.

This is easily the best hotel we have ever stayed at. Everything was just as expected, which regarding hotels, is always a good thing haha. But honestly, we were treated even better than we expected. Thai people always go above and beyond in truly honoring their guests, and the staff at Bandara Villas and Shine Spa was no exception. We miss their smiles already and look forward to going back again one day!