Hotel Review: Casa e Natura Breviglieri

I'm usually loyal to because of their rewards program, but on our trip to Italy, there were just some hotels I had to experience, despite the fact that they weren't offered on This was one of them. I stumbled upon this picturesque inn whilst perusing Trip Advisor one day, and that was that!

Hotel Name: 

Casa e Natura Breviglieri


Verona, Italy


Hard to see from the street, but upon entrance to the courtyard you feel immediately transported to a scene from a storybook! The interior is filled with natural light and colors, as well as organic touches that just scream "rest." It was small inside (think tall, narrow, townhouse), but every inch of space was immaculately decorated. This place is ideal for couples looking for a quiet and romantic place to stay. 


Since we were road-tripping for twenty days, free parking was a must for us at all of our hotels. This B&B was one of the only hotels to offer free parking in Verona. Sure, it was the tiniest, narrowest, parking garage ever! But we had an itty bitty Fiat, and my talented husband behind the wheel, which made it easier to maneuver in and out. They also offered a yummy complimentary breakfast, as well as free WiFi!


There were only three rooms, and we literally had the best room in the house. It was on the top floor and had a private garden and kitchenette. That was the only downside to spending our Verona days in Venice—we didn’t get to spend much time in our room!

Pool & Grounds:

There was no pool, which was no bother to us (this time)! As I mentioned before, the courtyard was breathtaking and our room/private garden was simply enchanting! Everything was clean, but still littered with charm and history—straight out of a novel, I tell ya!


Breakfast was served in a small greenhouse-like setting, which made the most important meal of the day, the most enjoyable meal of the day! The options were just your typical Italian breakfast foods like breads, yogurts, fruits, and meats. Our hosts always asked if we had any requests for the next day and also made us fresh cappuccinos! I should also mention that they had some yummy snacks and a small bottle of Prosecco waiting for us in our room when we checked in which was a really nice touch!

Something funny about being in Verona, is that the people there seemed to have some sort of rivalry with Venice. Our beloved B&B hosts kept talking down Venice and saying we really shouldn’t go because it is “just so expensive” and “just so crowded”, and would then pull out a map of Verona to show us all these local attractions we should visit instead. So we felt a little guilty for sneaking out to Venice two days in a row. The anonymity you have while staying at a hotel is why I tend to prefer them over B&B’s, but when I found this particular B&B on Trip Advisor…. I was willing to give up that freedom for three nights in order to stay in the dreamiest suite imaginable.