The Italian Dolomites

Looking back on this year, one of our travel highlights was spending time in The Dolomites of Northern Italy. Usually overshawdowed by nearby Switzerland's famous Alps, The Dolomites lie just south of the Austrian border and consist of jaw-dropping-ly beautiful mountains and lakes. The first scene that took our breath away below is Lago di Braies at Pragser Wildsee. This quaint lake sends snow-capped mountains arching into the air, and is home to a picturesque ancient church building that hugs the shore. 


We liked it so much that we came back the next day, which allowed us to experience it in both Snow/Fog as well as sunny weather! When the fog clears, you can see just how epic the mountains are around Lago di Braies! We went on a romantic walk around the lake in the sunshine and couldn't believe how pretty it was. Trust me, this place is a must-see gem on our planet!

The surrounding countryside is nothing less than "Epic" as well. It's like a scene straight out of The Sound of Music! Rolling hills of green and wildflowers up against the Italian Alps, with surprise mountain peaks around every twist & turn of the windy country roads. My personal favorite was "Val di Funes," an ancient village and famous church cathedral tucked up against very unique and jagged mountain rock structures (pictured toward the bottom of these photos). It was like a little slice of heaven! So...are you convinced that you need to visit The Italian Dolomites yet?