Columbia River Gorge in the Snow

As most of you know, Sarah and I live in Portland, OR, and one of my favorite places outside the city to visit and take photos is the massive Columbia River Gorge. We actually don't get much snow in The Gorge at ground-level near Portland throughout the on those rare occasions when snow hits The Gorge, I try as hard as I can to get out and experience it! When it gets a fresh covering of snow, The Gorge is transformed into a Narnia-esque paradise filled with frozen waterfalls around every turn. Two weeks ago my friend Joe & I saw the forecast and set out with some other great dudes (Ross, Aaron, & Glen) to take in the beauty, & below was the results via photograph. I know everyone freaks out and tries to stay off the roads whenever it snows in Portland...but trust me, if you are ever around The Gorge in the snow, get out and brave the icy roads to see it! It will be so worth it.


(Locations visited & photographed in this post: Multnomah Falls, Horsetail Falls, Government Cove, Cascade Locks, Latourell Falls)