Weekend Getaway: Scottsdale, AZ

Just over a week ago Sarah and I traveled to the beautiful city of Scottsdale in Arizona. For those of you who flunked out of geography like me (jk, I was pretty good, I just wanted to make you feel better about yourself for a split second), Scottsdale is right outside of Phoenix and is a very popular vacation and retirement destination. This was our second trip to Arizona in the last two months, and it was so great to get back to the desert so soon.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived in Scottsdale were the giant cacti that you commonly see in the photos and movies from the desert in Arizona—the kind of giant cactus with arms sticking out, as if the cactus is inviting you to walk up and give it a big hug. (If you do ever go to the desert, please DO NOT hug a cactus. Or please do, and have someone take a snapchat of it. I would watch that.) 

Why did we go to Scottsdale, AZ you may wonder? Well it was not to vacation or retire like most people do. It was actually a work trip that my wife got to join me for. I haven’t mentioned it on here other than in our “About Me,” but I work for Remember Nhu, which is a nonprofit that protects children in 11 countries from being sold into the sex trade. We were hosting a 3-day fundraising event for leaders and donors of the organization.

My work was kind enough to fly Sarah out with me, which was awesome! As you have probably noticed, we love to travel together. The event was a huge success for Remember Nhu as we were able to raise over $300,000 from the small group of people who joined us, which is enough money to build many more childrens homes and save hundreds more children from the sex trade. So we were so excited! 

The event was held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel, which is a 5-diamond resort. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Such a nice place to stay—with multiple pools and restaurants, gigantic golf courses, and very well maintained gardens. My favorite thing I did by far was launching down one of the slides at the kiddie pool!

It was a very busy weekend for me and I spent most of the time working, but I did get some small windows of free time for Sarah and I to slip away and do some fun things, consisting of: getting food from both In’N’Out and Chic-Fil-A, , laying out at the pool for a little bit, and going on a gorgeous bike ride around the resort. Riding bikes is our favorite way to explore new places together; it's kind of our thing. 

The desert is gorgeous, so if you’ve never experienced it, I recommend heading South West the next time you get a chance! Scottsdale seemed like a really nice area and Sarah and I both talked about how we would totally go back. For those of you interested in vacationing here one day, we will be posting a specific hotel review of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess next week.