Hotel Review: The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Before I eat or travel somewhere new, I become an obsessive researcher. I love reading reviews, looking at photos, and devising a plan-of-action before the action begins. So, we thought it’d be fun to start implementing some hotel reviews of places we’ve stayed into this blog, in hopes that it might help some of you decide where and where-not to stay.

Hotel Name:

The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess


Scottsdale, Arizona USA


You’ve heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”, and man is that true! We are used to staying at less-expensive hotels. Not motels or anything scary or super-cheap, but we try to cut costs wherever we can and sometimes we choose the hotel with the slightly lower price tag (think 3-4 stars). At around $500+ per night (and no we were not paying for the room since it was a work trip for Ian), The Fairmont did not disappoint! The hotel was located in a great part of town (any hotel gets an extra star in my book for being located within seven minutes of a Target, Chick-Fil-A, AND In-n-Out!), the grounds were immaculate, and the staff went above and beyond! 


We stayed in some sort of large suite equipped with one queen bed, a sofa/pullout bed, dining room, wet bar, and walk-in closet. When we walked through the double doors, our jaws hit the floor. We couldn’t believe how HUGE it was and how nice! The layout of the room seemed a little odd to us; the bed, sofa, and dining table were all in one big great room, which made it hard for me to go to bed while Ian was still up working. Not a big deal for the two of us, but I imagine a family might stay in a room like this, which may make it hard to have no privacy or sound blockage since everything is in one big open space. I also want to note that the one bed in the room was only a queen-size which surprised me in such a large room at such a nice resort. Hotels (even 2-stars) usually offer a room with either two queen beds or one king bed, and since we are used to sleeping in a king at home, the smaller bed was more of a disappointment to us. 


This is the second time we have stayed at a five-star resort, and the one thing we have learned about them, is that whenever you pay over $200/night, expect to pay for every other little thing. Wi-fi was not included and cost $14.99/day. The food and drinks were expensive (to us). And nothing in the mini-bar was free. So get ready to fork over more money for the extras and don’t expect anything to be “included” because it most likely is not. That being said, they had great restaurants and bars on the property and they had three complimentary bikes that you could take anywhere, on or off the property! They also have a golf course and private meeting/board rooms. The resort was massive, so I’m sure they have even more amenities I am not mentioning.


The food may be expensive, but it is some of the best food I have ever had in my life! A lot of our meals were catered (for the work events) but some we were on our own for. We ate at Ironwood American Kitchen and La Hacienda. Both served us yummy yummy food.

Pool & Grounds:

The Fairmont is equipped with three large pools, plus the roof-top pool in their spa. We spent one afternoon lounging at the main pool with water slides. The water was cool and the slides were so much fun! The wait-staff was also quick to greet us and offer us menus. There is also a fun “Fragrance Garden” on the grounds. It is basically a small rose garden and very cute. We loved riding bikes through it!

I have always loved staying at hotels. For my 8th birthday, my parents took two of my best friends and me to a hotel for a night. And for Christmas two years ago, Ian gifted me a local one-night hotel stay—all to myself! I just love that hotels are always clean and well-decorated. I have also always had a thing for pools, and those are some of the first pictures I click on when reading a hotel review because what’s the point of staying at a hotel without a nice pool?! Haha!

What kind of accommodations do you prefer while traveling? Do you go for the big resorts? Smaller boutique hotels? Or do you prefer to rent a private condo or home?