Paris Stop-over Recap


While planning our recent vacation to Italy, we got creative when booking our award-miles through Alaska partners and we prioritized a short 3-day stopover in Paris on the way. We had never been to Paris before, and the often referred to “City of Love” did not disappoint.

The first thing we did was check into our quaint little French hotel downtown, called La Parisienne, and we took a short recovery nap out of necessity due to jet-lag. We awoke drowsy but with an adrenaline rush of energy, anxious to see this city we always dreamt of visiting.

First things first: we had to see the Eiffel Tower. After studying maps and determining it was a 20 minute walk from out hotel, we set out with cappuccinos wandering through the charming city streets toward the historic geographic icon. Upon arriving to the tower we took many photos and selfies from many different angles, as any good tourist would do. 

What then transpired was unexpected. It was late afternoon and we started talking about a possible tour or way to see a bunch of the city before dark (since we had limited days in France)—when moments later, Sarah turned and notice a pedi-cab parked nearby. Pedi-cabs are sort of special for us because we went on a pedi-cab ride of the Portland waterfront during our first ever date! Given this history, an off-the-cuff pedi-cab tour of Paris just made sense to us.

After a quick conversation and some negotiating, we were whisked away by a delightful pedi-cab lady (with sturdy legs), winding us through the city. We hit the popular Arc de’ Triomphe, the famous Pont des Arts bridge made iconic by it’s many “lover’s locks,” and ended at the Notre Dame. Notre Dame surprised us with its magnificent gothic architecture, and of course: gargoyles!

The next day we enjoyed a Parisian brunch, and the majority of the day was devoted to visiting The Louvre museum, home of many popular items such as da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Michelangelo’s Dying Slave. We LOVED The Louvre and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Way worth the price of admission.

After experiencing the Eiffel Tower one more time (because why not?), via a picnic in the sunshine this time, we packed up to head out early the next morning for Italy!

For those of you who would ever be in a position to add a short stopover in Paris to your future itinerary, we highly recommend it. You could spend weeks in an incredible city like Paris, but a few days was just enough time to experience all of the most popular things to do, and we absolutely loved it. I’m sure we will do a future post about “Top Things To Do During a Stopover in Paris,” so stay tuned.