Tuscany, Italy

When you road trip through Italy, about 90% of the time in the car is spent trying to figure out where the heck you are (like our story from Florence/Firenze). We can't be the only ones that thought that Tuscany and Florence are two separate cities in Italy, when in fact, Florence is one of many cities inside the region of Tuscany. I think because of the movies, whenever we hear “Tuscany” we picture winding roads through a beautiful Italian countryside covered in vineyards. And although that is the dreamy reality of the Tuscan countryside, it should be referred to, more specifically, as the “Tuscan Countryside”.

I will let the pictures do most of the talking in this one, because all that needs to be said is that the Tuscan countryside really is like the movies. It was one of the few places in Italy that truly exceeded my expectations of what I thought Italy would be like.


When we weren’t spending hours in the car, searching for Val d’orcia, we were exploring and eating our way through Siena (Siena will be it's own post, because it was just that good), or soaking in the Terme di Petriolo with old naked people. 

  The un-exaggerated truth is, there was only one old naked guy, but that combined with the rotten egg smell of the hot springs, was enough to send us packing as soon as we got our pictures haha. Lets just say that these particular hot springs are better in pictures than in real life haha! Can you sense how uncomfortable our time there was by all my awkward laughing? Haha... (Tip: If you do want an enjoyable experience at some thermal baths, we heard incredible things about the Terme di Saturnia. It was just too far of a drive from where we were staying to make it worth the drive. Although, after our experience, I'm sure it would've been worth the drive ;))

By looking through these pictures, wasn't I right? The Tuscan countryside really is so incredibly breathtaking. And peaceful. We felt like we were in a movie! I'm excited to tell you about the inn we stayed at here and more about Siena!

Thanks for reading!