Hotel Review: Hotel Murano

As I mentioned in our Tacoma, Washington post a few days ago, we got to spend a couple nights at Hotel Murano, a boutique hotel in downtown Tacoma. Since we know a lot of our readers are from the PNW, we thought we'd share our opinion on this hotel, in case any of you want to stay here for a local getaway : )

Hotel Name:

Hotel Murano


Tacoma, Washington USA


Artsy, upscale, boutique hotel. They are well known for their glass art displays throughout the hotel. Most of the other guests we saw in the lobby (including ourselves) seemed to be business travelers. Two couples we know personally, have also chosen to stay at Hotel Murano for their wedding night/anniversary. 


Our room was absolutely gorgeous. I think we stayed in the "King Patron" room which is one bump up from their more standard king room. The size of the room felt pretty small, but we were really only there for sleeping, and what the room lacked in space, was made up for in style, a comfortable bed, and stunning views! Not everyone in our group got a room with a view, so we felt very lucky!


They offer everything we look for in a hotel and more! They have a yummy restaurant called The Bite, which is where we ate breakfast (our breakfast was included in our stay, but it isn't usually complimentary, so keep that in mind), a fitness center, a bar, gift shop, and even more! We didn't get to spend much time there because it served as a pit stop for us, so we didn't get any pictures of the hotel grounds, but you can check out their website for more photos and details!


The food here was absolutely beyond any breakfast we have ever had at a hotel! If we lived in Tacoma, we would come here for the breakfast, even if we weren't staying the night. We ordered the vegetable hash, all-american breakfast, and the brioche french toast, and they were all AMAZING! The vegetable hash was my favorite, and it is the kind of entree you crave when you get home. We also loved that they had a full coffee bar, so we could order our favorite foofy coffee drinks and didn't have to settle for the basic cup of black coffee. 

I think that is enough said. But in summary, if you find yourself needing a place to stay in Tacoma, consider Hotel Murano! We thoroughly enjoyed our short stay with them and wish we could've had even more down time to enjoy and explore all that the hotel has to offer! Just look at this view: