Siena, Italy

The truth is Siena was one of those towns in Italy that totally caught us by surprise with its poetic charm, beauty, and history. As we mentioned in our last post on Tuscany, we only lodged out in the remote countryside whilst in the region of Tuscany (at a quaint bed & breakfast). While that was delightful in its own right, the minute we visited Siena, we immediately regretted having not stayed there as a “home base” during out time in Tuscany.

There was something about this ancient city perched up on a hill that had sort of an alluring mystique to it. When we first parked outside the city (because it’s so old you can’t drive into it!) and began the ascent we were mesmerized by all the winding stone roads and quintessential alleys. It honestly felt like the whole city was a castle! The people were friendly, the shopping was lit, and let’s just say the food and wine were…“Fantastico!” Perhaps my favorite part was running into this pensive Italian Wiener-Dog documented in the photograph below. He was no-doubt a philosopher, if that is possible for a dog. I hope you enjoy this brief photo tour of Siena! If you’ve never gone…YOU MUST