Verona, Italy

Verona wasn’t originally on the list of destinations for our road trip through northern Italy, but after doing a little research and finding the most breathtaking B&B, I convinced Ian that we should stay three nights in Verona. Verona is a short 1.5 hour drive from Venice, so we decided to combine the two destinations into one stop. We would lodge in Verona and day trip in Venice. The night we arrived in Verona, we were pretty wiped out, but after checking into our B&B, we had about three hours of daylight to kill. We decided to walk to the city’s main square called Piazza delle Erbe for dinner and whatever else we wanted.

On our way to the piazza, we stumbled—no literally, those cobblestone roads are no joke—upon Casa di Giulietta, where tourists swarmed the courtyard waiting for their turn to stand on Juliet’s balcony and then grope her statue for good luck. We also saw the famous wall of letters visitors write to Juliet, asking for advice on love. 

The courtyard, house, and balcony are rather small, but loaded with charm. This was pretty much the only touristy thing we wanted to do in Verona, so we were fine spending about $20 each on admission to the house and balcony. If you are a Shakespeare fan it’s totally worth the money, but otherwise you’d probably be disappointed with the house. However, the balcony can only be accessed through the top floor of the house, so if you want your photo taken on the famous balcony, you have no choice but to pay the full admission price. There were easily 100 people coming in and out of the courtyard during our time there, but we were the only ones to actually go up to the balcony. 

After that we explored the main piazza with gelato in hand, and shopped a little bit at their small outdoor market before heading to dinner.

Verona was rather charming, and we look back on our time there fondly. Would we go back to Verona again? Probably not unless we happened to be driving through already. But should you go once? Absolutely! If you want to visit Verona, we’d say stay one night there and then two nights in Venice. Of course there was more that we could’ve done in Verona, but after visiting and falling in love with Venice the next day, we decided to spend our third day driving back to Venice instead of exploring more of Verona, and we have never regretted that decision.

Is Verona on your list of Italian cities to visit one day?