AC Hotel Portland

Even though we’ve been all over the world, Portland is still one of our favorite cities to explore. Ian and I love stay-cations because there are endless restaurants, shops, and neighborhoods to discover in and around this city we call home. One of our favorite things to do in Portland these days is to try out hotel restaurants and lounges. So when we were invited to stay at the AC Hotel in downtown Portland and review it on this here blog, it was an easy “yes” for us.

Hotel Name: AC Hotel

Location: Portland, OR


The valet and front desk staff were warm and welcoming! The overall design throughout the entire hotel is sleek, modern, and neutral in color. There are some fun artistic touches, like the accordion-style ottomans in the lobby, the sculptural glass chandelier in the bar, and the original pencil art piece in the lower level. Although there were travelers of all demographics here during our stay, I’d say this particular hotel is best suited for business travelers or one-nighters.


Although our King Room wasn’t that large (typical for downtown hotels), it had everything we needed. The bed was comfortable, the bathroom was clean, and there was even a nice seating area with panoramic city views! Décor was limited, but the modern design came through the finishes like the flooring, bathroom fixtures, lighting, etc.


AC Hotel has everything you’d need for overnight visitors and business travelers. If you are staying at a hotel downtown—in any city—you are mostly paying for the location, since you are likely there to explore and enjoy what the city has to offer as opposed to vegging in your room or by the pool.  There is valet parking, a small gym, a bar with a small tapas menu, and they do offer buffet breakfast for $15/person. They also serve Water Avenue Coffee in the mornings, which Ian loved since he is a coffee snob ; ) We loved that the hotel was two blocks from Pioneer Square and surrounded by lots of yummy restaurants and coffee shops. So for the big city explorers, this is your hotel!


Overall, we loved our experience at AC Hotel. The staff was so friendly, the location was ideal, and the price is the best you will find for a brand new modern hotel in the heart of downtown!