Priest Lake, Idaho

Over the weekend we stayed at my Aunt & Uncle’s lake house at the very beautiful Priest Lake in Idaho! If you’ve never heard of it, Priest Lake is a huge lake on the northernmost portion of the Idaho Panhandle, about 80 miles northeast of Spokane, WA and just below Canada. This is a gorgeous and pristinely clean lake that is very worthy of adding to your travel/vacation list if you’ve never been! It’s ideal for water sports, boating, hiking and site-seeing. It is a 7 hr drive from Portland & a 6.5 hr drive from Seattle.


My Uncle Dave and Aunt Kerry are from Spokane and have had a vacation house on the lake for over 30 years. I visited a number of times with the fam growing up, so it holds some great childhood memories for me. But the most amazing part of this particular trip was getting to take my wife and children there for the first time! It was literally a perfect trip filled with all kinds of fun memories and “firsts” for the children.


One of the biggest “firsts” was the first motor boat ride for our kids (4-yr-old Greyer & 2-yr-old Ruby). My Aunt & Uncle have a V comfy Crownline boat and the kids were so hyped to ride around on the lake—it was perfect! Greyer was constantly looking through the binoculars for local wildlife, which the area boasts classic Canadian-Northwest deer, moose, mountain lion, and even bear!

I do have to point out a cute story about my little Ruby. She is just so adventurous and courageous for a 2-yr-old. Case in point: one night we took the boat to go to dinner at a great restaurant on the lake called Cavanaugh’s (or as the locals call it, “Cav’s”) and on the boat ride back from the restaurant she asked to jump into the middle of the lake! It was cold and almost dark and she was fully clothed, but that didn’t stop us—I stripped down to my underwear and jumped in the lake with my brave little girl! I’m so proud of her.


The beach at the lake house was perfect for the kids to play, and they literally played all day long every day. Sarah & I’s favorite thing to do was take out the jet ski and sip adult beverages while lying out in the sun, of course. One of the times we were both on the jet ski, I accidentally swallowed a gigantic splash of Lake Water and I proceeded to vomit on the two of us. It was not our most romantic moment as a couple, but it was a very memorable and humorous one to say the least.

I’d like to end by thanking my Aunt Kerry and Uncle Dave for being such a great Aunt & Uncle all these years and for so generously hosting us this last weekend! We had such a good time and it will probably be the highlight of the summer for all four of us. THANK YOU!